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Building Begins | Typical Time: Approximately 90 Days

After site development has been completed, the construction team verifies the site is ready to proceed, and then pours the foundation and begins to build your new home. Once the home is "in the dry", you and your contractor will do a walk through with the electrician to discuss fixture locations. You will also verify details like the kitchen-cabinet layout and flooring transitions at this point in the project. Actively participating in the midpoint inspection ensures that the final product is exactly what you ordered. All your electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures and appliance selections should be finalized at this point. This is your opportunity to raise questions or discuss any potential issues with the build process.

Wrapping it Up | Typical Time: 50 Days

When your new home is substantially complete, you’ll do a pre-walk with your contractor to create what is called a “punch list.” This is the list of tasks that need to be completed before you move in, so pay close attention to every detail as you walk through the home. This is your last chance with your contractor to catch any errors or incomplete items to avoid delay or unnecessary costs.



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